Automation and monitoring

Telmes (Techno Electrical Management Equipment Solutions), a company specialised in the production of automation systems for industrial applications, has an in-house Automation Department with the capacity to execute and supervise all the phases required: from planning & design through to development and implementation of automation and process control systems. Levering on its technical expertise acquired over many years of activity, Telmes is able to produce simple automation systems for industrial machinery as well as design and develop :
power center, quadri di rifasamento
  • monitoring systems using SCADA software;
  • power centers;
  • power factor correction panels, distribution panels and air-conditioning control panels;
  • remote control devices operated over telephone networks or web pages published on Internet portals.
Electronic automations for industry
At its modern facilities in Modugno, a few kilometres outside Bari, Telmes has a team of highly qualified professionals, constantly in tune with market changes, who work in close cooperation with the Engineering Dept. The company occupies a position as a reliable one-stop-shop for state-of-the-art electronic industrial automatisms providing all-inclusive, precisely executed services for all project phases of the turnkey solution from development through to testing and final delivery. An efficient logistics network ensures that agreed delivery times are always met. Phone us on either (39) 080-5324669 or (39) 080-5358833 to request a personal consultancy on producing advanced automatisms, we have the capacity to satisfy the demands of the most varying industrial sectors. 
tel. +39 080 5324669 
fax 080 5899541
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