Building automation

From air conditioning to the monitoring of machinery and production processes, building automation has become a fundamental element for the improved efficiency and safety of electrical systems, simplifying the use of technology and at the same time reducing management costs: Telmes (Techno Electrical Management Equipment Solutions) offers technologically advanced, reliable and automated systems, fitted with user friendly interfaces for industrial applications, electrical power and air conditioning systems.
impianti domotici, sistemi di termoregolazione
High-tech solutions for thermal regulation and industrial processes
In the context of climate regulation and air conditioning, Telmes offers systems for the automated regulation of temperature and humidity, able to detect defects and malfunctions, thereby guaranteeing the improved efficiency and safety of systems. Building automation also translates into the possibility to install remote controlled devices for real time readings of data relative to consumption, and the remote management of numerous functions. In regards to the management of production lines, the company specialises in the design and installation of electrical distribution panels that facilitate the control of machinery and processes.
This company's many years of experience in the building automation sector has made Telmes a point of reference throughout the entire province of Bari. This company in Modugno is in fact a partner to a number of renowned manufacturing companies that have chosen to adopt high-tech building automation solutions. For further information and technical consultations: 080 5324669 - 080 5358833 (8.00am - 1.00pm / 2.00pm - 5.00pm, Monday to Saturday).
tel. +39 080 5324669 
fax 080 5899541
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